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PURPLE WINDOW invites you to participate in a mail art initiative to support the United States Postal Service. 

Participating artists will receive a pre-stamped envelope with a postcard in the mail. Write a message, share a drawing, compose a poem, etc. on the postcard and send it to a loved one. We ask the final recipients to share an image of their postcard with the hashtags and tag #hellousps #purplewindowgallery @purplewindowgallery   


Please fill out your name and mailing address in this google form and we will send you an envelope with a pre-stamped postcard shortly. 


The postcard design is a callback to our recent project Hello Neighbor by Purple Window, which calls for artists to exhibit work within their home windows and border their windows with purple tape. For Hello USPS, we have incorporated the purple tape border on the front of the postcard where artists can compose their own artwork.


Modify the postcard however you'd like: collage, draw, paint, embroider, compose a poem, etc. and share with whomever.


Recipients of the mail art are asked to post a photo on Instagram with the hashtags and tag #hellousps #puruplewindowgallery @purplewindowgallery and we'll repost from our account. 


If able, please consider contributing to our stamp fund by venmoing $5-10+ to @purplewindowgallery.

Please note that monetary donations are not required for participation but are greatly appreciated. 

Interested in participating in this mail art initiative? Have any questions for us?

Email for more details.

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