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HELLO NEIGHBOR - We Will Hug Again <3

title: We Will Hug Again <3

artist: Eseosa Edebiri

materials: Hand-dyed fabric, fabric, paint

dimensions: fit to window dimensions

location: Pilsen, Chicago IL

I've been making a lot of rugs recently. I wanted to take that process and try something new, that's how I came to this window sign with my cut out rug letters. I had been feeling pretty anxious through quarantine though channeling those feelings into my work has been helpful. I find that I've made the most work through this time of social distancing than in any period of time.

I've been lucky to have roommates that social distance as much as they can. As someone who is immunocompromised and generally can be a homebody who I share space with really matters. I've seen so many people not taking this pandemic seriously and it's bizarre to me that they can't see past themselves to care for others. The CDC says that if we were to wear masks we'd be out of this in 2 months. I'm hoping we can get it together as a country and see our way out of this. We've lost so many lives. With this piece I say, though I miss my friends that live across the city, we will hug again <3

More on Eseosa Edebiri's practice

I'm a textile designer and fiber artist from Northern California. I received my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and now reside in the city. I have a background in woodworking and painting. These last few years I've focused my time on woven tapestries, rugs, and learning some garment design at home. Available for comissions -

Follow her on Instagram @eseosaedebiri

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