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HELLO NEIGHBOR - A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies

title: A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies

artist: Julia M. Koreman

materials: Finished ash wood

dimensions: 28 x 20 x 6 1/2"

location: 2517 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago, IL 60645

A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies is a small, wooden sculpture that is suspended in a second story window in a brick, two-flat apartment building stairwell. It is lit underneath with a clamp light and only visible after sunset. The sculpture itself is made of thin strips of ash wood that form a linear structure. This work studies the evolution of the utilitarian as cross beams are transformed into intricate, decorative features.

A model of Unsubsiding Intricacies is a study for a larger, seven-feet-tall kinetic sculpture that is being built during quarantine. Photography by Amy Shelton.

Julia Koreman (they/them/she/her) was born and raised in Chicago, IL where they work out of “Double Coincidence,” a shared studio space, wood shop, and gallery that they helped co-found. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, MI) where she double majored in Chemistry and Studio Art. They recently completed the Field/Work residency at the Chicago Artists Coalition (2019-2020) and were accepted as a 2021 resident artist at ACRE. Their artwork has been exhibited at The New York Arts Program (New York, NY), The Southshore Cultural Center (Chicago, IL), Bend Gallery (Grand Rapids, MI), The Kalamazoo College Community Studio (Kalamazoo, MI), The LeRoy Neiman Center (Chicago, IL), and Gallery 37 (Chicago, IL). Follow her on Instagram: @julia.koreman

More on Julia Koreman's practice

My practice explores the economy of form and rules of mathematics through wooden collapsible sculptures. They employ thin frames of lumber – serving as borders which intersect space – that are connected by hinges. Each sculpture ranges in scale – some are eight feet tall while others are 24 inches – but all employ infinite reconfigurations through mechanical joints that juxtapose their component’s rigid design. These works act as inconsistent boundaries of space that physically unravel a ground of logic – like fibonacci’s sequence – to question associations between western masculinity, genius, and mathematic and aesthetic perfection.

A Model of Unsubsiding Intricacies by Julia Koreman (click arrow for more images)

Photography by Amy Shelton.

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