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HELLO NEIGHBOR - violet sky

title: violet sky

artist: Meredith Haggerty

materials: easelpad post-it note

dimensions: 24 in x 30 in

location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US

This piece, called violet sky, was created for Hello Neighbor. Made to

be viewed from the outside, the cut- out text reads “I made this when

the sky was violet”. The letters appear dark in daylight and are

illuminated by our dining room light at night.

The text is a reflection of my studio practice during the COVID-19

lockdown, namely that with my young daughter at home, my studio time

is brief and limited to early morning when she is asleep. On the other

hand, it is a prompt for those walking past my house to pause and

notice the color of the sky.

On sunny days, light comes though the piece bringing the text to my walls or floor depending on the time of day. I have begun to play with these shadows to create a series of images that are, so far, meditations on my interior states during the COVID-19 lockdown including quiet, overwhelmed, and solitude."

Meredith Haggerty participates in collaborative art making including site-specific performance and is developing a collage based social-practice series called The Collage Stop. She lives with her husband and daughter in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she attends and offers studio classes and works on writing and collage daily. Follow her on Instagram: @mer.haggerty

More on Meredith Haggerty's practice

Using collage, storytelling, and performance, I explore affinities

between artistic practice and processes in mind-body medicine such as

mindfulness meditation and somatic awareness. I am interested in ways

these vocations allow us to connect to our experience and frame it. I

work with Buddhist teachings, fabulist tradition and somatic

experience as potential avenues to understanding our landscapes,

including those that are difficult, deemed useless and/or internal.

I make illustrations, prompts and manuscripts that are rooted in the

value of becoming familiar with difficult feelings such as loss, fear,

uncertainty, heartbreak and failure. I also facilitate participatory

events rooted in mind-body practice such as contemplative walks, site

specific guided meditations and public collage work spaces. These

events are created with the intention of cultivating a deepened

understanding of our landscapes including spaces and materials that we

take for granted, dislike or even throw away.

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