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HELLO NEIGHBOR - Choking on the Blood of Planet Earth (and all it's creatures) #10

title: Choking on the Blood of Planet Earth (and all it’s creatures)) #10 artist: Chris Costan materials: fadeless red paper with acrylic paint dimensions: 47 X 75 inches  location: Kingston, New York

After a Berlin based unsanctioned “intervention” project concerning the myriad colors of human skin, and using “color as symbol”, I am continuing to use the public space to comment upon a world issue.

This Kingston, NY window uses “color as symbol” that concerns the predicament that we find ourselves in. The Covid 19 virus has arguably been produced by our destruction of the planet that we all live on. We cannot continue to abuse animal, plant and human life to achieve wealth for few. Planet earth and it’s inhabitants are being sacrificed and are choking in blood. Red, the color of blood, is the symbol of this distress. These conditions including climate change have resulted in an epidemic on humankind. The blood of life is being squeezed out of living things.

Born in Chicago, Chris Costan lives and works in New York City and Kingston, NY.  Her art practice is often triggered by materials and therefore such media as painting, tabletop sculpture, collage and drawing comprise the whole. Solo shows in NYC include Avenue B Gallery, Germans van Eck, Cheryl Pelavin Fine Art, Windows on White and more. Costan has received individual awards from the Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, NYFA, Academy of Arts and Letters as well as National Endowment for the Arts. Her work can be found in museum collections such as MoMa, Art Institute of Chicago, Nelson-Atkins Museum of a Art, Zimmerli Art Museum among others. Costan has been reviewed in publications such as Artforum, ArtNews, New York Magazine, FlashArt, and others.  

Her most recent artist-in-residence experience took place in 2019 in Berlin, Germany.  Concerned about current events, Costan completed her first public project. Under the sponsorship of Lichtenberg Studios, and through this project she directed the attention of the local community to the many colors of surface skin which occur in nature. Her plan is to use the Kingston, NY location for an American version of this project. Follow her on Instagram: @chriscostan 

More on Chris Costan's practice

Chris Costan works in sculpture, collage, photomontage and painting. More recently she has begun to work in the public project sphere as well. Her fascination with isolated parts of bodies such as organs, skin and the inner workings of bodily systems, has always been within her scope as well as an interest in the abstractness of the brain with its complex nuances.  Cognitive thought which distinguishes humans from the rest of nature, contrasts with “instinct.”  And instinct is that which connects us to all other forms of life on earth.  

How and why do people “make” things?  How and why do people tell stories? Craft, craftwork, industrial design and storytelling are representative of our ability to think cognitively.

Window installation: Choking on the Blood of Planet Earth (and all it’s creatures)) #10

"Color as symbol" pieces posted throughout Kingston, New York. (click arrow for more images)

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