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title: High Strain

artist: S. Nicole Lane

materials: plastic, acrylic shelf, printed flag material. 

dimensions: 60" x 40"

location: McKinley Park, Chicago

In 2017, the artist underwent a LEEP procedure which removes precancerous lesions on the cervix. This piece expands on an older project with small plastic sculptures that feature printed cervical cancer cells. The sculptures are meant to mirror cervical cells and their formation under the microscope. For this installation, Lane printed large photographs of the sculptures on flag material and displayed them behind the shelves of sculptures.

S. Nicole Lane is a visual artist and writer based on the South Side of Chicago. Her work can be found on Playboy, Rewire News, Sixty Inches From Center, and other corners of the internet, where she discusses sexual health, wellness, and the arts. She primarily discusses taboos, kinks, and queerness. She is also the editorial associate for the Chicago Reader. Her visual practice focuses on health, healing, and the queer body and is ultimately tied to her writing. Follow her on Instagram: @verified_virgo

More on S. Nicole Lane's practice

After studying darkroom photography in North Carolina (Guilford College) and contemporary dance, Lane moved to Chicago where she expanded her visual practice to small sculptural projects working with latex, rubber, and found objects. Much of her work is small, meant to sit on shelves, gooey, and grotesque. She creates work that is inspired by BDSM, a queer future, punk rock, and science. 

Photos taken by S. Nicole Lane.

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