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HELLO NEIGHBOR - Neighborly Duty

title: Neighborly Duty

artist: Amy Shelton

materials: Inkjet Prints,Foam Core Backing, Bag Dispenser.

dimensions: (10) 4x6 in prints

location: Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois, USA

This window exhibition is installed on the inside of a 2007 Toyota Yaris parked on the block of the artist’s residence. 

This work is a reaction to the observation of discarded gloves and masks found in my community. I was overwhelmed by how many people just litter their gloves and masks on the ground near the sidewalks in my neighborhood. These masks and gloves are supposed to be worn to help prevent the spread of COVID19. However, the act of discarding these items on the ground may actually assist in spreading the virus further. Part of the installation also includes bags for people to discard their gloves in a safer way when they get home or until they see a trash can. 

Shelton is a nonbinary photographer currently living and working in Chicago, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art-Design & Media Arts from Northern Illinois University in 2017. Amy works in the documentary style to tell stories about larger social issues. Shelton is a member of the Purple Window Gallery co-op where they serves on the curatorial committee and have been documenting the Chicago-based Hello Neighbor projects. Follow them on Instagram: @amysheltonphotography

More on Amy Shelton's practice

Shelton makes work about a variety of subjects including gender, sexuality, intimacy, photographic history, with a strong emphasis on issues of social change.

Photographs from Amy Shelton's Window Exhibition Neighborly Duty

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