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title: Record

artist: Joshi Radin

materials: Vinyl

dimensions: 47”x 23.5”

location: 1850 N California Ave, Chicago IL

“Drawing from questions related to problems of scale, I began a series of monotypes

using found packing materials and clothing for new bodies. The prints record and refer,

marking the absent fresh body—a unit and a package. Enlarged for a street audience,

the window frames a monotype fragment, revealing a partial record of an absence.” —

Joshi Radin

During the COVID-19 crisis in the first months of 2020, communities all over the world have

experienced extended times of isolation and social distancing became the norm. With our daily

routine significantly changing, many of us had to adapt to a new pace of life. In this

unprecedented situation, we share the feeling that time has slowed down. It is becoming harder

and harder to keep track of the days passing.

Unconventional Times, is a pop-up window exhibition that tracks time through art. This exhibit

presents a rotating selection of works from three Chicago-based artists: Naomi Elson, Bryan

LeBeuf, and Joshi Radin. Each selected artwork occupies the exhibition window space for two

weeks and then rotate. The same cycle of artworks is repeated throughout the duration of the

project, the end of which will correspond with the end of the COVID-19 lockdown.

With an increasingly static environment, we have the opportunity to experience our

surroundings in new ways. We notice small changes to our proximities that we were not able to

pay attention to before. With a continued two-weeks rotation of artworks, this exhibition will help

the local neighbor and community to track time in an unconventional way.

Unconventional Times is curated by Fabiola Tosi.

Photography by Amy Shelton.

View Bryan LeBeuf's window exhibition What Is Your Name is a simulation of a game environment within a MMORPG. A portrait of a vast virtual world looking towards the participant, melding physical and virtual space.

More on Joshi Radin's practice

Joshi Radin investigates questions concerning nature, cosmology and expanded landscape.

Drawing on childhood experiences living within a utopian back to the land community, she

traces historical and genealogical roots of utopianism and nature through imagery and

processes as spaces of knowledge production. She has published essays and presented work

in the US and internationally and received her MFA (2016) and MA (2018) from the School of

the Art Institute of Chicago as a merit scholar.

Joshi Radin is an artist and writer living in Chicago. Working independently and collaboratively,

she generates and examines practices of valuation and questions investigating nature,

cosmology and expanded landscape. Drawing on childhood experiences living within an

experimental, utopian back to the land community in central New York, Radin traces historical

and genealogical roots of utopianism and nature through imagery and processes as spaces of

knowledge production. Currently her work focuses on examining nodes of intersection with

contemporary theorists engaged with ecological, scientific and anthropological approaches to

narrating the global imaginary. Through an engagement with the advent of planetary vision and

the recognition of military and technological advances, Radin is interested in propositional

narratives of interconnectedness that simultaneously think with and through political histories. In

spite of their failures, Radin's work questions what previous utopianists sought: what might

forms of resistance to dominant paradigms of late capitalist modernity look like?  

Follow her on Instagram: @joshi_radin

More on Fabiola Tosi's practice

Fabiola Tosi is a Chicago-based curator and arts administrator. Originally from Italy, Fabiola is

an experienced project manager promoting international cultural exchanges. Her curatorial work

aims to unveil cross-cultural practices as a platform for discussion around politically and socially

engaged issues. Fabiola is the current Exhibits Project Manager at the Peggy Notebaert Nature

Museum in Chicago, and formerly Assistant Director of Exhibition and Programs for the US

Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. In 2017, she received her MA in Arts

Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is currently a

resident at Chicago Artist Coalition’s Hatch Program. Follow her on Instagram: @faby_tosi

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