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title: Soft Suburb

artist: Tess McAuslan-King

materials: glazed stoneware, cement, plaster, terracotta tiles and brick, bisqueware, marble, linen, cotton, miscellaneous fabric offcuts, acrylic paint

dimensions: variable

location: North Geelong, Australia

We live in a quiet part of Geelong, a residential suburb surrounded by industrial zoned buildings. There is little traffic, some walkers in the morning and evening. I hope those passing the window can become familiar with this arrangement of objects I have made during isolation and some time before. Stopping to look at these works from the street can act as a gentle moment of meditation, contemplation.

"Objects are evidence of human perseverance, adaptability and consciousness. All excellent qualities to be reminded of during this time.”

Tess is a Geelong based potter and artist. Her material practice involves the collection of found objects and the formation of ceramic sculptures and vessels. The ceramic pieces are both informed by the collected materials and knowledge generated through broader research. Follow her on Instagram @tessyking

More on Tess McAuslan-King's practice

In her work Tess explores methods for learning and unlearning, the role of domestic clutter/collections and how the object informs identity. She hand-builds overtly decorated ceramic works that reference forms found throughout the pottery tradition. Tess is currently working from a spare room in her house.

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