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HELLO NEIGHBOR - The wooden goose

title: The wooden goose

artist: Maria Elisa D’Andrea

curated by: Camilla Boemio with AAC Platform

materials: window, wooden goose.

dimensions: 140 x 80 cm

location: via Venezuela, Udine - Italy

The wooden goose is the first gift from my kids. They bought it in a small country fair. The man

who made it has written on it “W la mamma” with a black marker, but day by day the writing has


Now the goose is not a banal wooden goose, but it is something loaded by relevance, because of the sincerity and purity of two little children: they just wanted to give something.

That’s why this goose became a sort of home protector.

This is the reason why I thought to the Greek goddess Estia, the guardian of fire and fireplace. Estia

was also the guardian of images, and she was one of the few goddesses without image.

So this is another votive practice, another prayer. Because there is life where there is fire, and there

is fire where there is someone who guards it, someone who feeds the fire creating relevance in

everyday things.

More on Maria Elisa D’Andrea's practice

Maria Elisa D’Andrea presents a site-specific work for the pop-up show. The form, the narrative

and the meaning are traced in this work through the various states of formal and allegorical

existence. Each drawing or painting on paper, like her textiles artworks, is the result of highly

virtuosic techniques that often require extended periods of time (and patience) to execute. The

works arise from personal experiences, visions, and sensations that lead to iconic images and

embodied reflections on feminist symbology; each is like an amulet charged with devotional fervor.

As Boemio describes, “They are spare and precise fantasies, driven by inner necessity, and involve

inquiries into anthropological subjects, both alluring and disturbing. The intense material focus is

part to pursue that direction”

D’Andrea has exhibited in solo show and group show including: la Biennale Italia – Cina in Turin; INDEPENDENTS5 with AAC Platform at Verona Art Fair in 2014; Pinacoteca Moretti in San Severino Marche; Museo Civico Sant’Antonio in Cascia in 2015.

“Nel Cerchio della Madre” publication curated by AAC Platform with Narcissus editor presents his

research and documents “Nel Cerchio della Madre” exhibition. In 2013; she won the Premio Arte

Laguna in “Open” exhibition, in Venezia.

More on Camilla Boemio's practice

Camilla Boemio is a writer, curator, university consultant and theorist whose practice deals with

investigating the politics of participation in curatorial practices, the intersection of culture and

contemporary aesthetics. She is a member of AICA (International Association of Arts Critics). She

co-founded with Fabrizio Orsini the experimental nomadic non-profit AAC Platform; in many

years of research they expanded several collaborations in California and in Great Britain.

Her work, also with AAC Platform, focuses on interdisciplinary systems from an intersectional

feminist perspective, with a focus on the social systems and other ecologies. Her recent curatorial

projects include the exhibition Jérôme Chazeix: The coat of hipness (materiali velati) part

Altaroma2020 agenda at Label201 (2020); the Arts Council England project in which support the Marina Moreno’s research (2019-2020), the solo show Marc Trujillo: Fast at AOCF58 – Galleria Bruno Lisi, in Roma (2020). Her book As Brilliant As the Sun was published by Vanilla Edizioni in 2020.

In 2016, she was the curator of Diminished Capacity the first Nigerian Pavilion at the 15th

International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia; and in 2013 she was the co-

deputy curator of Portable Nation. Disappearance as work in Progress – Approaches to Ecological

Romanticism the Maldives Pavilion at 55th International Art Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. For more information visit Follow her on Instagram:@camillaboemio

AAC Platform (est. 2007) is an independent, non-profit nomadic gallery in Rome, devoted to the

commissioning and production of new work by local and international artists.

Window installation: The wooden goose by Maria Elisa D’Andrea

Curated by AAC Platform with Camilla Boemio (click arrow for more images)

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